Omerastore Tower Silos

  • Our silos are ideal for the conservation of all types of roughage, such as corn, grass, maize and CCM.
  • We pay close attention to quality; all of our accessories are made from high-quality materials.
    Structural changes, such as stacking or moving, are not a problem for GB silos thanks to their modular construction system.
  • Omeras GmbH has been specializing in enameled products for years. The reliable and versatile material allows for its use in various fields, for example in facade construction, tunnel lining, etc.
  • Enamel – the composite material from which our plates are made.



Inside the factory in Lauter, Germany, steel plates are enameled on both sides using a process developed over many years. Enamel, a composite material, is an ideal construction material for tanks and silos used to store and handle various feed types, bulk solids, and liquids.

What is enamel? Enamels are special silicate glasses with a special composition and physical characteristics. Enameling combines the favorable properties of glass and metal. When enameling at temperatures of 900°C, a new composite material is formed through the melting of enamel and metal. Enameled surfaces are permanently protected against corrosion.

Although enamel is not found in nature, it consists entirely of natural materials. At high temperatures, the raw materials quartz, feldspar, soda, borax, aluminum oxide, and other metal oxides are melted into enamel chips.

At each step of the manufacturing process, the materials are inspected to ensure suitability for their intended use. Omerastore quality control systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

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